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Diane and Mark Worrell Aphrodite Hills

Diane and Mark Worrell-Aphrodite Hills “We needed our suede effect corner suite cleaning so we rang round a few places, who didn’t fill us with confidence at all. One company didn’t even seem to understand what suede effect fabric was. Then RCS Cyprus came up on our google search so we gave them a call. The man on the phone was really helpful, he even gave us free advice and talked us through the RCS cleaning process, he also gave us an up-front guaranteed quote. We made an appointment and RCS cleaned our sofa the following week. The results were astounding. RCS managed to get rid of most of the stains on our sofa (which hadn’t been cleaned in seven years), and the whole thing was dry and ready to use later that same day. We will definitely use them again”.

Diane and Mark Worrell

Mr and Mrs Burton Sea Caves

Mr and Mrs Burton-Sea Caves “We bought a leather sofa from the auctions and when we got it home it was more dirty than we first thought. We contacted RCS for a quote and we were really impressed with their service. They arrived on time and took care to test the leather to ensure they used the right chemicals for the job. Apart from a deep clean Hoover all the work was done by hand. They even applied a protective coating to keep the leather supple and prevent it from drying out in the sun light, and all this was included in the price. We were so pleased with our sofa we invited RCS back to clean our rugs.”

Mr and Mrs Burton

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